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Management Change

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First off, we would like to apologize for the lack of information and silence between the team and the community.

There have been several changes going on in the backend among the team that we would like to share with you today. We hope it brings light to everyone why it's been so silent.

So, @Violet has decided to leave the team due to personal reasons. We at CODE: Closers would like to take this opportunity in thanking Violet for the efforts over the last 3 years.

With Violet leaving the team, we have had to find a replacement. We would like to welcome 2 new CM's to the team @Harpy and @Bai. We have also hired a new developer, so say hello to @Soma as well.

With a new team comes new ways, we've decided to assess everything that has went wrong here at CODE: Closers. We will be working very hard with the new CM's incorporating a new image for CODE: Closers.

We understand that we have made mistakes with CODE: Closers and we feel it's time to begin amending them. The new team have enough experience between them to really tackle this game and create some wonderful things for you all to enjoy. Community interaction is going to be our #1 priority and we will ensure everyone has a say in the direction we will be taking CODE: Closers.

So with content, people are pretty annoyed at the wait. I can assure you work has already begun. Please give us the space to get familiar with everything and understand the direction Violet was taking the game. Once we know more you will all be the first to know.

But for now, thanks for your patience and please take some time into getting to know your new team.

Have a great day!

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