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0x71 - Bug Fixes and More!

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Hello agents!

The servers will be coming down for a short maintenance in order to address some of the bugs that came along with 0x70!



- A compensation pack is now available from MatterMixer in Gangnam District!
We apologize for the downtime we were forced to have over the weekend, as such, please accept this gift from us!
This pack is available till June 13th, 8am Server time!


Piece of Cake x5
Alpha Queen Special Cookie  x5
Wolf Dogs Cookie  x5
Elite Status (15 Days)
Heart Light [Event]
Heart Sunglasses [Event]
Special Ops Access Pass - Beelzebub's Back x3
Special Ops Access Pass - Beelzebub's Hand x3
Special Ops Access Pass - Beelzebub's Vein x3
Free ticket for combat area - Bear Island x3
Closers Day Special Celebration Box (3 day duration for all items inside)
    Contains: +14 Purification Core, Full Draconian Set, AAA Tuned Yod WIngs, Union Elite Training, 2 1-Day Victory Talismans


-Temporarily disabled Divine Battle
With the issues it was causing with various Task Forces, we have disabled it till the interactions between the 2 are fixed!
Dates for the battle will be adjusted when it's back up and running.


-Modified the database to give everyone a working Dark Synchro Fiber
This was completed on Sunday, but no announcement was made for it. All classes should be able to use the dark fiber that was purchasable in the cash shop.


- Adjusted the Beezlebud Raid Start/End Time
We want all regions to have an ideal time to participate in this raid, so rather then it being open only for 10 hours, it'll now be open for 20 hours!


- Adjusted the channels to help with the lag
With our growing population, the 7 channels we had were just not enough. The revision to the channels will help bare this extra load the servers are going through!



- Zenith Synchro Fiber is now tradeable on the Black Market

- Dark Zenith Costume Package can now be opened by Seth

- Adjusted Seth's Fail Pool to correct costume parts when failing a synchro

- Fixed the missing +%Drop rate buff from our server list


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