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Question abt Soma equipment

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i heard that agile core  or brutal core is best for Soma. What's the difference between agile/brutal core???


and what about the trinkets and modules? what are the best sets? (for planar gate and so on)  ( sorry i'm asking a lot because i'm a newbie )

maybe if possible a screenshot? thanks 

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Agile, I assume is sword. Brutal is hammer, right?
Hammer gives more raw power, but less speed. 

Overall I would go for agile core which is sword. 

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I assume that you are currently leveling up your Soma, if so it really doesn't matter much which core you choose, just equip the one that you get first (If possible you should go with the hammer due to Soma having attack speed buff from her indra lightning but that's about it)

At end game Soma has a character bound weapon (Purification area) which is sword because thanks to naddic's galaxy brain developers knowing everything about the game appearently 👏

As for modules Soma benefits the most out of Halphas set effect since it buffs both her Skanda and Lightning God Arts which are one of the main DPS skills

For trinkets it's the usually as all characters, you want to have Planar Gate level 75 shield set before entering Purification, once farmed enough materials you should have Purification 3/3 shields + PG75 shields. You can the PG ones with Wolfgang from Area 9 once you have enough power to complete the raid

Soma would benefit from all situational attacks equally.

Air is pretty much every character except Tina so you should be able to proc Air 100% of the time

Back is easily proc-able on her Indra skills and FM2, all you need is to situate yourself, same goes for Rakasha's Karma. You dont have to worry about her Asura (fire) skills since one you manage to get the timing for Kshana you're pretty much dealing back damage

Now for chase, unlike other characters, Soma has a great amount of automatic chase procs including all of her high value skills and all of her FMs 

Exceptions being: Two Moons, Phase force bullet, Rakasha's Karma, Lion's roar, her EX Indra (even tho it has an additional attack called thunderclap which procs chase)

For the other stats i'd suggest not building up cooldown reduction and attack speed in Hub because you pretty much gain 30% of each stat with EX Indra lightning


I'd strongly suggest reading Vessa's Soma skill guide as it covers pretty much everything: 


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