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0x72 - New Gacha!

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Hello agents!

The servers will be coming down for a short maintenance.



- Adjustments have been made to the Beezlebud Raid opening
With the previous patch, we failed to take our daily reset into consideration, causing the raid to basically become a daily rather then the limited time raid it was supposed to be.
We've adjusted it to now open at the following time:

04:00 - 19:00

- Reduced the Trade Limit from level 35 to level 10
This was an old feature we had months ago, so it's time to bring it back!

- Addition changes have been made to the Cash Shop
We reduced the prices on some talismans, and we also added the 15 Day talisman pack as it's own purchase!
You can also find the full weapon transparent for Harpy/J/Seth in the shop now!

- Adjustments to the cash shop110/880 starter packs have been made
These packages were always supposed to be that 1 purchase item like the original starter packs, but they were neglected and forgotten about.
Code Agent Deluxe Package is now a 1 time purchase per account, while it's smaller version, Code Agent Basic Package, can be purchased an unlimited amount of times. We wanted to make sure the items in the pack reflected the price of the items inside of them if they were to remain an unlimited purchase.




Summer Rhapsody will be rotated in to replace our Bunny Gacha!



This Gacha will remain open till July 3rd!

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We're currently aware there is an issue with the 10x High Tide Gacha, we have to way for Gitae to be around be a fix and be address so Apologies to anyone who has rolled the 10x and gotten only 1 and for now to avoid missing out please roll the 1x version as I cannot promise we can track down eveyone who bought the 10x version already.


Sorry for any troubles!

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