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0x73 Information and Bug Fixes!

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Hello agents!

The servers will be coming down for a short maintenance in order to address some of the bugs that came along with 0x70!



  - Fixed a bug that appeared with various emotes
Note: Draconian's "/dragonpower" has updated to "/dragonroar"

- Fixes a bug with emotes that allowed other emotes to unintentionally be used when using a chat command like it

- Fixed the missing Cat Portraits for all female classes that previously had it available



- Some item translations have been updated
A lot of the incorrect White/Bai and Seth/Set have been updated to properly show those character's names

- We're aware of the bugs still remaining with the following major portions of the game:
- Levia's Task Force and Divine Battle
- Material Conversion Buff

- A Summer Event is in the works!
While we know this patch is small, we wanted to give you guys an update on what was being worked on!
While I cannot give you too much information about it just yet, we thought we'd at least update you that it's in the process!
With this summer event, we will also be releasing Seth's SA along with it!

We thank you guys for your patience with us while we get ourselves sorted, and we hope you enjoy what we have in store for you!

- Forum Analyst @Moe has been promoted to Field Officer as well!
After all the amazing work Moe has put in for our latest patch, it's only right they were promoted!
So be sure to give Moe a congrats when you next see them!





Steampunk is now available!
This will replace our Summer Rhapsody Gacha!

Note: This is only available for Seha - Tina





Ti-85 Pilot is now avaliable!
This will replace our Half and Half Gacha!




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