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0x80 Summer Island!

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Hello agents!

The CODE: Closers network is going offline for a maintenance! 
There is no estimated time when it'll be back up, so please be patient with us!





- The 2019 summer event, "Summer Island" has been released!
We would like to thank you all for being patient with us while we get this event sorted. Its been a good learning ground for it and it'll continue to be a good learning ground for each event after!
This summer event also features the latest summer costumes, which can be found in the gacha!


- Special Agent Seth has been activated!
Power up this beast's claws with her new Special Agent Status! Learn new skills and advance your current skills even further!


- Levia's Task Force should now be fully functional with Divine Battle
We apologize for the delay in fixing this bug, as it was quite a tricky one!


- Updated Yuri's Face model
You'll notice some changes with Yuri's face - including base face and various face accessories!

- For Black Lambs and Wolfdogs Jaeri Kim will now appear in Hunter's Night regardless of story progression
Black Lambs and Wolfdogs rejoice! Jaeri Kim has decided to show himself!


- Weekly Rewards have been updated to a 30 Day Reward!
To ensure that everyone has a good chance of getting all 30 days of the reward, it will be in rotation for 6 weeks before it resets again!
 NOTE: We're aware of the unintentional bug where some have had extra days unlocked. The transfer to the live servers have bugged out the needed files for it.
Those who have had all unlocked, thank you for logging in for 30 days, but those rewards will not reset for you beyond this point! Those who haven't or can't yet, you'll still be able to collect the items as the days pass and the reset will still be the original 6 week duration.




Its time for our Summer Training Program Agents!

While Trainer and Ms Kim have tried to give our Closer Agents a vacation, they unfortunately had to meet in the middle with the higher ups.

So you get a nice sunny vacation sector... with some baddies in it...






Access Location: Planar Gate

Event Duration: July 26th - August 23rd

Solo and Party Mode Available

Levels: 50 ~ 86

Entires: 7






Fight your way through the robotic pack to defeat those who stand in your way, including Irina and Kalbach!

Those who successfully complete these training programs will receive their special Summer Pinwheels!





Use these pinwheels to craft a variety of goodies, including a special new Summer Lens (exclusive only to Code:Closers!), over in "Matter Mixer v3 'Allan' in Warped Planar Gate!

Craft these while you can, because once the event is over, this crafting store will disappear!







Special Agent Seth is now available!

Power up Seth and unlock her true potential as the newest Special Agent!

Wield powerful skills as you fully unleash the trapped beast!






Yuri's Face has now been updated to it's latest version!

While we made sure that most of her accessories should still function properly, there may be some that were out of our control to fix!

Should you find any that still look a bit off, please be sure to let us know on the forums!



The weekly rewards have been updated to a 30 Day rotation!

This rotation will be active for 6 weeks, giving everyone that extra time to claim all 30 items!







Summer Island Beach Set is now available for all characters!

This gacha will only remain up for the duration of the summer event!







Pink and White Business Suit is now available for all characters!

This gacha is in rotation to replace the previous Steampunk one!

Black Suit Package can also be found in the cash shop for a limited time!

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