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0x80 Summer Island! Update Discussion

What do you think about the update overall?  

79 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you believe the amount of entries for the Event DG should be reduced and the drop adjusted/buffed accordingly?

    • Yes
    • No (If you pick this answer, please, justify)
  2. 2. The price of the sets should be reduced in the crafting list?

    • Yes, they are too expensive for old sets
    • No, they are fine as they are
  3. 3. The craft limit for items such as Elite Status (VVIP), Skill Book and so on should be per character instead of per account?

    • Yes (Feel free to point out which items besides the ones mentioned in the thread)
    • No (Please, justify why)

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23 minutes ago, Dikashadow said:

Small question. Does acc open from signature acc box is bound once equiped or resellable?

Resellable only once.

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1 hour ago, Bolsa said:

Event time limit? How much til the end of the event?

Read the patch notes carefully, the date is mentioned there.


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I'd like to extend my grateful thanks for the event @Code_Closers Team it was really helpful and productive for me. Now I can look forward to the Queen of Hearts Task Force update and raise my Seulbi to the next level!

Cheers & more power! :happyLev: :excited:

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