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0x81 Summer Adjustments and Bug Fixes

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Hello agents!

We're sorry about this unexpected downtime. It seems the server providers have having a bit of latency issues between our servers.

  Fear not though! We have decided to use it to our advantage and do the adjustment patch early!





- The number of entries for the Summer Event dungeon has been reduced from 7 -> 4


- The amount of pinwheel drops from each difficulty has been increased to match the lower entry cost now


- Some of the prices for the costumes have been adjusted.
We've adjusted the token cost while decreasing the credit cost for certain costumes.





- Special Agent Accessory box now lists Seulbi's accessory
Though it was already in there, the box did not list it in it's description!


- Fixed the Summer Island Costume Pieces
They should now be both tradeable and able to be added to the Black Market





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