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[Request] Mix-n-match Costume Screenshots

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I've got some looks I'm forming in my head, or just curious to see what some costumes look like together.
Preferably in front/back screenshots showing the costumes properly. I'd appreciate extra shots if you can show the other items from my choices.
Thank you in advance to anyone who can help!



[ 1 ]
- Hair: Summer Island (B) Alternate
- Top: Black Suit (closed one)
- Bottom: Summer Island or any pantsu you think will work well 👀
- Gloves: anything non-intrusive
- Shoes: Can't think of any sandals or heels so it's up to you (shouldn't cover legs)
Weapon/Accessories: Black Cat Ears, Cat Tail (any ver) or Stray Cat Tail, Omega Queen weapon
- Optional Stuff: Business Glasses, Cat-like Lens (Stray Cat, Nightfall/DZW, Draconian)

[ 2 ]
Same as above except...
- Top: Base job
- Bottom: White Suit Pants (preferably) or Skirt
- Shoes: Black/White Suit (if Pants), or something that can match well?
Weapon/Accessories: No cat ears/tail, fitting weapon of your choice?
- Optional Stuff: Business Glasses, fitting blue-ish Lens




[ 1 ]
Hair: Dark Medium Wave (cash shop), or Rhapsody Beach (pref. Black, but any ver is fine), or Black Suit, or Summer Island (A)
Top: Base job
BottomBlack Suit Skirt
Gloves: Summer Island (A), or Base job
Shoes: Official Agent, or Black/White Suit
Weapon/Accessories: Yod Lens (if available) or just Veronica/Tiamat, Ruby Earrings (I especially want to see this Lens/Earrings pair if you have the black hairs from above), fitting weapon of your choice (as long as it isn't her job class weapons)
Optional Stuff: Business Glasses

[ 2 ]
Since I got curious...
Hair: I honestly can't decide, so try to use any from the hair choices above, or something you feel fitting
Top: Official Agent
Bottom: White Suit Skirt/Pants
Gloves: Official Agent
Shoes: Black/White Suit, or some white shoes/heels, whichever you feel fitting


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