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UNION Paparazzi: Take a Screenshot『Summer Edition』

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Salutation Agents!
[FO] Moe back with our beloved UNION Paparazzi contest! Are you ready ?

Have you met a Celebrity in game? Do you like to take selfies? Or perhaps you want to show off your mastery of the screenshot skill? If your answer is "yes", then this UNION Paparazzi event is for you! There's even a reward so make sure you join!

In this event you need to take a screenshot in-game while following the theme mentioned in this post. At the end of the week, two lucky winners will receive a great Bits as a prize! However, please make sure to read and follow all event protocol listed below.


All standard rules within the CODE: Closers official [Community Guidelines] should be followed, however this event has additional protocol.

  • 18+ content is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not edit your screen-shot with any editing software. (Cropping your screenshot is allowed!)
  • Don't steal and/or copy each others' work.
  • The screenshot must be taken within CODE: Closers.
  • Stick to the theme listed below.
  • Display your entry in a spoiler.
  • Do not enter using multiple forum accounts.
  • Don't submit more than 1 entry per contest.
  • If you want to vote for an entry, please do so by pressing the "Like" button. This will help, but most certainly not decide the ultimate winner.
  • Any posts that are not related to an entry will be removed. Direct all questions to the [Contest Discussion Thread].
  • Winners are not eligible to join the next week's contest, although they can re-join the week after.
  • Make sure to provide your character's in-game name (IGN).


Theme for this weekBeach Party
Hiya guys! This week theme is "Beach Party". What kind of beach party do you wanna do? ofc we should do BBQ party It's up to you to decide. Capture a moment while having a beach party within your character(s) in CODE: Closers. There is a dresscode for this edition and you have to wear and show it in your screenshot.

♥ Rising Blue Bubble from the Beach [Event]


"Hmm~ I can smell something nice from here (salt)"

Deadline :  August, 21th 2019
Hey guys, there's also a deadline. Please don't be late in submitting your screenshot!
Entry Template Example:
[Title of Entry]
[Phrase or Description]

Items listed with an asterisk (*) are considered mandatory!
Other C:C Event Threads:

  • Contest Theme Suggestion Thread: [Here]
  • Contest Discussion Thread: [Here]


If you've won and haven't received your bits within a week, please contact Harpy! 

  • Each winner will get 5000 bits.
  • There will be 3 winners.
  • Exclusive summer titles.

    3 winners will get  "Beach King" title.

    You have a chance to get "Romance on the Beach" title by participating on this contest.

Last week winners :

Format = IGN [Forum Name]
IGN = Entry, Forum Name = Profile
Two winning entries!


Last Week's Theme: Summer Heat (Dresscode: Scuba Googles and Tank)

josep [joli]






Kitsunae [Kyuubi24]


''Under the summer sky i feel like i can do anything...So lets go snorkelling!''




Number015 [kukuru97]


"Too exicited to swim"





Previous Winners:


(01/08/19 - 01/15/19) Back to School: NovemberRain [Hibikigiri], LoliBitch [ѕтяαωвєяяу]
(01/18/19 - 01/25/19) Favourite NPC: Enjiuu [Yeohadan], Zandion [Liolean]
(01/30/19 - 02/07/19) Smiles : Hellawes [Esther], Healen [Minos]
(02/11/19 - 02/18/19) Couple's Date LawOfCycles [Rulebook], Freir [Freir]
(02/22/19 - 03/01/19) Epic pose Gravity [Viruska], MarikaX [Remie]
(03/03/19 - 03/10/19) Teamwork lMercuryl [XIIIthLight], Anhtubob [Horsey]
(03/14/19 - 03/21/19) Justice Hellawes [Esther], WhiteNigga [ѕтяαωвєяяу]
(03/30/19 - 04/09/19) A Prank Sanders [Sanders], iChelsea [Geegee]

(06/14/19 - 06/21/19) The Beast & The Cutie Placenta [Liolean], SethGoesAwoo [Rulebook]
(06/26/19 - 07/10/19) Free GER [heavensdoor], BobBai [Horsey]
(07/21/19 - 07/30/19) Free : KaiHaan [cruzerblade1029], Gravity [Viruska]
(07/30/19 - 08/06/19) Summer Heat : josep [joli], Kitsunae [Kyuubi24], Number015 [kukuru97]

Make sure to do your best! If you don't win, don't worry. Improve your screenshot skill and prepare for next time!
Good luck, agents!


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「J's "Relaxing" Beach Party 」


Instead of going to a fancier beach party like the one he was invited to,

J thought that chilling on the beach with Veronica and Dust was much better.


P.S. If I end up winning the title again could you please send it to Snapping? Thank you ♥

Edited by Yan

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IGN: Rozu

Bubble Effect


violet bubble effect

Maid Celine: Is this okay my lady?
 Violet: Yes, that will do celine... i really like the bubble effect
Hyde: Umm.. my lady have you seen my phone?
Violet: Step aside hyde you will seen in the picture
Hyde: But my phone...
Maid Celine: Say Bubble!!

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IGN: Puni
Girls just wanna have fun 



It's too hot in here... Girls, we need to do a beach party!
- can someone bring me a drink too? -


Edited by fek3
fixing the writing

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IGN: Meepata

Just Hanging out



Swimming laps around the island has worn me out. You guys have fun, I'll be taking a nap for a bit.

If i get chosen again for the "romance on the beach" title... Can I get that sent to Meeperia?

Edited by Meepasaurus

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Gremory presents~  Testing my new invention for the new summer.



Nata:   Hey you, kid scientist... What the hell did you put in my drink...? Why the hell do these bubbles are coming out of my head?

Gremory:   *Giggles* -- I just mixed my newest invention that makes bubbles pop out of your body with your favorite drink. Isn't that amazing? Now have fun in summer with your bubbles. hahaha

Nata:  You little b*tch... I'm going to kill you...!!


IGN:   Souji

Edited by Souji「薄桜鬼 」
Forgot to put my IGN.. Duh

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~IGN : ISetsuna~


"Enjoy The Summer  when Listening The Music~"


P.S  My first letter on my IGN is "i" in capital, really Sorry if that's make some confusion シ♡

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