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Scammer Warning

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Its come to our attention that there is a person(s) who have been going on a bit of a scamming spree in-game.

While we're doing our best to stop all accounts linked to them, they are creating new ones to continue trying to scam unsuspecting players.

We do suggest that you fully document all trades involving a PGC purchase with credits or anything involving seals, as these seem to be the 2 most common scam attempts. Also, if the account/characters are low level, its best to be cautious when making this trade. They tend to use lower level characters to try and trade for the credits.


If you believe at any point that you may be scammed or do not trust a possible trade going on, please place in a support ticket and we will do our best to verify the player. Though it's not 100% guaranteed, it will rule out if the seller is linked to the scammer in any way. So you can take that advice however you wish.

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