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[FO] Chulsoo

Glitched Starter Packs

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I'm not entirely sure if this has been addressed yet, but I learned from some of my friends that every single pack(as far as I know) is glitched and doesn't include any of the extra pieces that they should come with. I have not completely tested this yet, because I don't have a way to or people to ask(as most people have bought said pack long ago). But I can confirm that it is indeed glitched for Violet, Soma, and Bai. None of these packs include the extra pieces that KR had(and C:C had everyone's up to Luna's before, but as I said, I cannot test every character as I don't have the money to do so). If you don't know what pieces I'm referring to, I'll post images of them below in a spoiler.

Seeing as I cannot look into the other characters nor have info on them from others(Tina and beyond), I highly suggest them being looked into just in case they may also be bugged.


the one directly left to the one in the middle are Bai's two extra pieces(top and bottom)


the one in the middle is Soma's two extra pieces(top and shoes, and I apologize for the bad image quality, I don't have a better image)


the one on the right are Violet's two missing pieces(top and bottom)



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Nata supposedly said he'd inform the staff about this but I assume he never did, but what sucks about this is that when purchasing this starter package, it's ONCE PER ACCOUNT. So with that being said if you bought it in hopes of getting those pieces it's a waste. So even if it is fixed, you couldn't just go ahead & buy it again but even then having to repurchase it just overall fucking sucks. Hopefully they'll do some compensation type thing, like maybe a craft or we get it in mail? idk.. :/

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