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0x91 A New Player's Welcome

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Hello agents!

The CODE: Closers network is going offline for a maintenance! 
There is no estimated time when it'll be back up, so please be patient with us!




- The New Recruit's All-in-one Briefcase has been updated!
This new box contains goodies like Timed Rare Costumes, Timed AAA Wings, and gear that'll help a new player progress up in the game!

To allow all players a chance at this new package, it'll be available for crafting in CODE:Fusion for 2 weeks! After those 2 weeks, it'll return to a new player only box!

- Draconian Accessory box can now be crafted in CODE:Foundation

- Various translations have been updated and fixed!

- The Gacha has updated with 2 new sets that will be active for 4 weeks!

- A New Player Welcome Event has been activated!
More information for this event can be found below!







Domestic C/D are now available for all classes!

Domestic A/B can be found in the Cash Shop!





Sailor is now available!

This set is only available up to Wolfgang!





- A New Player Welcome Event has been activated in Planar Gate!
This event will be active for 2 weeks from this patch!


You can enter Planar Gate by speaking to any of the <Hub Transport - Ran > and selecting the Planar Gate option.




Once in Planar Gate, enter the Warped Gate in the middle of the room to enter into the dungeon area!

Blue and Red Dungeon entrances have had their entry count increased and a special New Player Token can be obtained by completeing one of these runs.




The following dungeons inside each of the red and blue portal stone shave had their entry count increased to x30:

-Collapsed Road
-Twilight Highway
-Mist Fields
-Temple Access Road
-Red Corridor
-Blue Invader Legion
-Red Invader Legion


Completeing any of the listed dungeon runs will drop New Player Surprise Boxes!


You can take your surprise boxes to Matter-Mixer Allan v2, located right behind the portal entrances to trade in for some worthwhile goodies!



New Staff have been hired to join the current [FO] Team!

Please be sure to welcome to the team:



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