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[CODE: Closers] Community Guidelines

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Editors note:

  • By creating an account within CODE: Closers you acknowledge that this account is property of CODE: Closers therefore we hold the right to lock or limit entry the them at any time, for any reason.
  • CODE: Closers Community Guidelines apply in-game as on the forums, with the exception of being stated otherwise.
  • These forms of punishments listed within this broadcast are to be considered suggestions; depending on the severity of your actions, appropriate punishment will be given accordingly.
  • A ban within your forum account is permanent. We will not bring it back. However, you can create a new account for in-game bans and situations of that nature.
  • Be aware that all community guidelines may be adjusted at any given time without further notice, however we will try our best to keep the community aware of grand changes within the guidelines.
  • It is your responsibility as a CODE: Closers Agent to be aware of these possible changes and follow them.
  • The community guidelines are subject to the staff's observation. Leeching on the infamous "But you didn't tell me I could not do such specifically in x or y manner" will not aid you further, and will simply be ignored.


You are not allowed to sell nor trade any items/credit/bits on CODE: Closers for any real-life currency (EUR, USD, Bitcoin, etc.). This also means that you can't hold a transaction from goods within CODE: Closers to any other Closers server and/or game.
Breach of this rule will lead to an immediate ban that is permanent within all of your accounts.

This does not include selling Bits for credits and/or buying Bits with credits, however proceed with caution as this falls under your own risk. As it is shown above, if you consider selling Bits, this trade must only happen within CODE: Closers, and can not involve any other real-life currency/games. etc.

NOTE: Void Elsword is the only exception to this rule, however proceed with caution as we do not provide any assistance with scams and activities of that nature.


Participating in fraud, thus scamming a fellow agent, within any transaction is not allowed and will grant you an immediate ban on your account.

Do note it is very important to be aware that your transactions are your responsibility.
CODE: Closers will not refund/restore any kinds of goods from items to Bits and/or credits.
The rulebreakers in question will receive punishment accordingly but do know there will not be any form of compensation.


Hosting giveaways with the intention to scam in any way, shape or form is strictly prohibited.
If you are found hosting fake giveaways you will have to face the consequence of punishment where needed.
This also means that your thread shall be removed. Further continuation of such behavior will not be taken lightly.


CODE: Closers holds a strict, zero-tolerance protocol in regards to all content deemed as 18+.
This includes obscenity, nudity, gore, etc. and will result in an immediate ban from the CODE: Closers forums.
This applies in-game as well. (Frequency interference, PM's, Circle and/or party chats.)


Even though Interference Devices in-game are to aid you in communication within the entire server/channel, it is of utmost importance to be aware that this chat is by all means NOT a personal chat room.
Please keep personal situations within the private chat. Excessive spam may result in a temporary ban within your account. If such behaviour continues the staff enforce further punishment accordingly, up to a permanent ban.

The only exception to this guideline is using Interference to warn other Agents of a scammers.
We support the community warning each other, but be aware that this exception does NOT give you the right to defame another Agents.

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, therefore any abuse of this exception will lead you to receive punishment accordingly.


CODE: Closers wishes to be a community in which all type of Agents are welcome to enjoy this server.
Because of this, acts that may lessen another agent's experience are strictly prohibited.
This may include, but most certainly is not limited to:

  • Threatening another Agent, whether in-game or in real life.
  • Release of another Agent's personal information without their written consent.
  • Creation or distribution of posts/videos/megaphones/etc. for the sole purpose of impacting another Agent in a negative way (usually described as defamation).
  • Repeated or unwanted actions to annoy another Agent (e.g. flooding with private messages, etc).
  • The use of any ethnic, racial, religious or sexual slurs against another Agent.
  • Directly insulting another Agent (also known as flaming).


CODE: Closers aims to keep the forums clean, and apprehend agents from behaviour consisting of flooding their
post count. All styles of spamming and post farming are strictly prohibited.
Some example of such behaviour however, not limited to are:

  • Single-word posts (e.g. hi, no, ye,what, etc.)
  • Repeating the same or similar words/phrases consistently and/or just random nonsense.
  • Quoting another agent without adding anything further to the broadcast.
  • Necro-posting (posting in a broadcast that has been inactive for 14 days.)
  • Pyramid quoting (placing quotes within quotes to lengthen your post)
  • Ignorance of the topic within the broadcast, or as it's commonly called, "derailing"
  • Posting embedded videos with auto-play enabled/posting .swf images (sometimes called ".gifs with sound")
  • Broadcasts or posts created for the purpose of generating angry/heated responses ("bait" posts)
  • Intentionally posting several times at a time.

There are some exceptions to these rules, which are:

  • +1's in [Suggestions&Feedback]. However, if observed in excess, it may still be ruled as spamming.
  • Hello/Hi/Bye in [Hello&See you]. Similarly to [Suggestions&Feedback] although, if observed in multiple threads, it may still be ruled as spamming
  • Bumps and Necros by the owner of the threads in the [Black Market] sub-section
  • Bumps and Necros by the owner of the threads in the Circle sub-section
  • Bumps and Necros by the owner of the threads in the Guide sub-section
  • Bumps and Necros by the owner of art galleries, signature/avatar shops, and mod galleries in the [Fan-Media] sub-section
  • The necro-posting rule does not apply to Pinned & Suggestion&Feedback threads (unless it's inactive/no interest in the threads)


You are only allowed to have only 1 open thread within the [Black Market] at a time. The same applies to [Circle].

If you would like to create a new thread, message and/or mention the staff members with said request to close down your previous thread.
To prevent post farming and acts of that nature in both [Black Market] and [Circles], you are only allowed to be bumped every 24 hours OR if your thread reaches the 3rd page within each sub-forum, respectively.


If you wish to submit an appeal, please re-direct your appeal towards the [Ban-Appeal] section.
Public uproar in regards to your ban will not aid you further and is strictly prohibited.
Be aware that there is no estimate as to when your appeal may be answered, therefore please be patient and make sure to bump your thread every 24 hours.

Note: You can not appeal a forum-ban, however you are allowed to create a new account. Do know that an appeal for your old forum account is going to be declined.


Whenever an Agent is banned, any requests in favor of a ban to be lifted are to be directed at the [Ban-Appeals] section. Any action/discussion taken outside of this section in regards to appealing a ban will be shut down immediately.

Continuation of such behavior will result in punishment if needed.

Note: Only the Agent that received a ban can send an appeal within [Ban-Appeals] for it to be lifted.
You are not allowed to create a thread writing "Please help, my friend is banned." as it may be seen as both ban evasion for the banned Agent, but also the Agent who sent the appeal in regards of the banned Agent.


You are not allowed to impersonate any CODE: Closers staff member nor a relative under any circumstance as it is strictly prohibited. Please be aware that a staff member will NEVER ask you for any goods in-game, and they will never ask you for any account credentials outside of [Account Support] or [Ban-Appeals].

Note: If you have been caught impersonating any staff member, all your CODE: Closers accounts will be suspended permanently and ban-appeals will be ignored.


As a CODE: Closers Agent, your personal account is meant to belong to you and nobody else.
Sharing an account is not against the rules, however that does not mean we encourage it; if anything, it is highly discouraged.

When an Agent willingly releases their account credentials outside the [CODE: Closers Home Page], the CODE: Closers client's log-in screen and/or [Account support], the Agent will be fully responsible for any actions that took place within that account. Any goods lost due to the agent revealing their account credentials will not be refunded nor restored.


Selling and/or trading your account falls under the same protocol as LOG_I-1.
Once you willingly release your account credentials, you accept full responsibility for all actions that take place on your account.
By accepting another Agent's account information and playing on their account, you also accept responsibility for any acts taken on their account, such as any form of rule breaking.
Because of such, you may be linked to them and have your account permanently suspended as well.

Note: We do not offer e-mail changes with buying/trading/selling as their reasoning, and will decline such requests immediately.


Any purchase of PGC Cards/Codes from another player instead of directly from CODE: Closers payment methods is strongly discouraged. You are still allowed to buy codes for credits from other players, but you do so at your own risk. By purchasing a Bits code in-game, you accept that if the user you purchased the card from is banned for fraud, you may be attached to their offence and banned for fraud as well. If this occurs, you will not be allowed to appeal the ban.


Making use of any bug/glitch/flaw etc. within CODE: Closers is prohibited and will lead to severe punishment. Continuation of such behaviour may lead to your account being permanently suspended. A few examples, but most certainly not limited to: explaining how the glitch works, uploading a public video showcasing the glitch, etc.


Any use of hacks/bots of any nature that will grant you an advantage over other Agents is just as forbidden as glitch abuse. Contribution of such acts will lead to a permanent ban, with no chance to appeal your ban.

The only exceptions are cosmetic modifications, which are fully allowed.
To give a few examples: Changing the color of skills/costumes, changing the voices to your personal preference, adjusting the music files to own desire, etc.


Taking the advantage of any type of hack is strictly prohibited and if you are caught violating this guideline your account will be permanently suspended with no way to appeal your ban.


CODE: Closers does not accept advertisement to take place within the forums in any method available.
Acts of such are prohibited and will lead you to receive punishment, where needed.

Please be aware that discussion of other games/media/etc is not considered advertisement.
However this may only take place within the [Off-topic] section.



Any acts purposely performed to take the advantage out of situations that could aid with lag are extremely prohibited.

Acts reported containing such behaviour will be given out a warning, further continuation of such behaviour will lead to harsher punishment to be given accordingly.


First and foremost please make sure to read through all of the community guidelines within CODE: Closers before inconveniencing any of our staff members. CODE: Closers holds a zerotolerance protocol for hackers/scammers/staff impersonators/and things within this nature. If you are aware that you breached any of these acts, do not try to appeal your ban as it will be simply ignored. Continuation of such behaviour will lead you to receive permanent suspension on all of your forum and/or in-game accounts.

Please have some patience and await response, we unfortunately can't take care of any issue/report/inconvenience  instantly as they appear.


CODE: Closers holds a zero tolerance protocol towards staff members abusing their position.
If you feel like you have been wrongly treated please make sure to refer to [CM]Harpy & [CM]Bai

But please reach out to either of the [CM]s first to ask for information about why you received such punishment for certain acts.

Be aware that  account suspension only goes through with solid reasoning.


CODE: Closers prioritizes safety over anything, because of that we highly discourage the use of links shared by other players within the CODE: Closers forums and in-game. Please be aware of the risks and consequences attached to visiting a potential malicious link submitted by any user.

Our staff is unfortunately not always around at any time to make sure every link is safe, however if these are found punishment will be given accordingly to those that submitted said link.


CODE: Closers aims to be a place where all of our players can feel welcome and at ease while interacting with each other.
Because of this, behaviour that is deemed toxic,harmful and/or causing a disturbance of the atmosphere within CODE: Closers will result in harsh action.



Reporting Rulebreakers

If you want to report someone, you must do it in the [Rulebreakers] section. Any attempt to post evidence of another agent breaching the guidelines outside of [Rulebreakers] may be ruled as defaming, and punished, where needed.

All agent reports require enough  evidence to prove that the agent in question has indeed violated the guidelines. Video footage is highly preferred over images and screenshots. If you do not include evidence in your agent report, we cannot take action, where needed.

When reporting an agent, please use the following form:

Name: (Their character name)
Offense: (Scamming,insulting, PvP Hacking, Harassment, etc.)
Evidence: (Video/Images)


Edited by Harpy
Updated references for new CMs

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