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1x10 Welcome to Busan!

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Hello agents!

The CODE: Closers network is going offline for a maintenance! 
There is no estimated time when it'll be back up, so please be patient with us!





- A Halloween Event has been activated!
More information about this event can be found below!

- Level Cap has been increased to 88

- Busan Acts 1 and 2 are now available!
The quest to unlock Busan can be started in Hunter's Night

- New Raid: "Legion Master: King Beezlebub"

- Task Force: Queen of Hearts is now available for Seth, Seulbi, and Harpy!

- Character Rebalancing has been done for the following characters:


# Phase Focus Blade
- Added [Total Physical Damage 5%] effect to the buff

# Phase Focus Blade - Dust Explosion (Awakened)
- Rebalanced buff effect to [Total Physical Damage 5%]

# EX Shockwave
- Removed suction effect

# Burst
- Phase force release/Awakening (V skill) now reset the skill
# Ex discharge
- increased AoE by 50%

   *Expert: Always procs back and chase, if the enemy's HP is lower than 30% it deals 20% increased damage
   *Master: Each time the skill is used for a 3rd time, it deals 50% increased damage and lands in critical regardless of the enemy's HP

# Bit Exploit Weakness
- Magical critical rate increased to a fixed 50%
- Magical critical damage increased from 6% to 8% per bit

# Bit: Phase Amplification
- Magical critical rate increased to a fixed 50%
- Magical critical damage increased from 6% to 8% per bit
- Aerial / Back critical damage increased from 3% to 6% per bit (maximum of 30%)

# Phase Power Release
- Immediately gains 20 [Bit] upon casting [Phase Power Release]

# Gravity Field
- <Expert>: Magical damage amplification debuff increased from 7% to 10%. Fixed the bug where the value was exceeding far above the original value according to the skill level.

# Magnetic Field Emission
- Immediately gains 6 [Bit] upon casting [Magnetic Field Emission]
- <Master>: Number of bits generated increased from 10 bits over 10s to 20 bits over 10s.

# Electric Storm
- <Master>: Bits required for enhanced Electric Storm decreased from 6 to 3.

# Railgun
- Added 80% damage reduction while casting
- <Expert>: Added [Chase] proc
- <Master>: Immediately gains [EML] buff upon cast, which increases magical penetration rate.

# Finishing Move: Satellite Fall
- Fixed damage reduction effect missing from tooltip.
- <Master>: Added [Chase] proc

# EX Blades of Discipline
- <Master>: Upon casting [EX Gravity Field] and triggering [Extreme Gravity] attack, the blade stack count is set such that the next cast applies the [3rd Cast Effect].
- Note: [Extreme Gravity] refers to the slam attack on EX Gravity Field

# EX Gravity Field
- Now enters invulnerable state while casting. Magical damage amplification debuff increased from 7% to 10%. Fixed the bug where the value was exceeding far above the original value according to the skill level.
- Cooldown reduced from 20s to 18s

# EX Supercluster
- Added a 2s lingering invulnerability frame after ending the skill.
- <Expert>: Enhances the [Thunder] attack from [Electric Storm]. When possessing 6 or more bits, consumes 6 bits and transforms the attack into [Lightning God: Thunder]. When possessing 9 or more bits, consumes 9 bits and transforms the attack into [Lightning God: Thunderclap]. The enhanced attacks always triggers [Chase]. The following effect is only applied upon unlocking [Master] cube of [Electric Storm]
- <Master>: Unleashes a [Thundercloud] attack while the skill key is held. Up to 5 [Thundercloud] attacks can be unleashed. The following attack deals [True Damage] and triggers [Chase].
- Lightning God: Thunder (Lv20): 9596%
- Lightning God: Thunderclap (Lv20): 14396%
- Thundercloud (Lv10): 3632% per hit

# EX Supercluster
- Reduced duration of the lingering invulnerable state in [Union Arena]
- Increased the damage values of Lightning God: Thunder and Lightning God: Thunerdclap

# Ex blades of desplicine
    *Master: added a stack that shows the number of times this skill has been used

# Cross Slash
- Increased damage values

- Yuri spiral!:

    *Master: Removed skillchain/cooldown reduction condition
                      Successful grabs, spin kick and failed grab always proc ABC
                      Improved the ability to skill cancel
- FM 4: added the ability to use Force Cancel during cast (damage does not register

- Yuri spiral!: increased hitbox range + improved backflip animation

# Headache Acupressure Method
- Increased the hitbox of the [Punch] attack. (Roughly 35% increase and can now hit airborne units, does not apply in Union Arena). Increased damage values

- FM1: increased enhanced FM1 damage (from FM4) to 21k from 15k
- Magnesium strike: During FM2 buff: Changed Air back to Back chase procs, increased damage by 100% instead of 50%
- Geranium Power: Skill level now increases physical critical damage buff
                                     increased the skill modifiers from SA advancement to 1500% from 300% (now deals 17K% instead of 6k%)
- Full body massage: fixed an issue where hits didnt register

- Release!: Increased the skill's hitbox (height) and explosion AoE significantly

- Magispear Neflheim: Increased buff duration from 10 to 15 seconds

- Follow me!: Increased the buff range
                         Gain a new stack upon casting the skill, up to 5 times, increases Back and chase critical damage (18% at 5 stacks)

- Laeviatein: increased attack ranged
            master cube now indicates the number of times this skill has been used
     -Expert: Always procs air and back attacks
     -Master: Upon casting the skill for the 3rd time, applies Sword of Frenzy which increases the damage by 100%

- Ex lance charging:
     -Advanced: can be cast once more, the second cast doesnt apply Invicibility
     -Expert: can be cast up to two more times, additional casts don't apply inviciblity
     -Master: Release! damage is increased by 50%, lands in critical and always procs Air, back and chase
- Ex Mjolnir:
     *Expert: Skill cut time from lance skills increased from 0.5 second to 1 second
     *Master: EX Mjolnir always procs chase and deals TRUE DAMAGE

- Magispear Fenrir: Changed the chance to decrease the enemy's HP by 0.5 to 100% from 25% (Applies only to the first hit)
- Awakened Fenrir: Decreased HP reduction from 1.5% to 0.5%

- Laevatein: Increased damage, reduced cooldown
- EX rush (1st ex): M cube now affects release! from FM2

# Confirmation Kill
- Added [Chase] proc to [Decapitation (Executioner)] attack (Does not apply in Union Arena)
- Increased damage values

- Night hunting: increased skill range and changed the skill damage to TRUE DAMAGE on all attacks (applies true damage to enhanced attacks from Hades aswell)
      Expert: All attacks proc chase
- Pulverizing blade: during Hades buff, applies TRUE DAMAGE and chase procs
- EX torrent pain:
      Advanced: buffed MP regeneration to 10%, PPR to 15%
- FM4: Can be canceled, canceling the skill will still apply Hades buff
              Added 60% back crit damage(+1 lvl per skill level), and 20-25% increased damage to Hades buff

- Night hunting: changed the cooldown to be a perma 10 seconds
- Pulverizing blade: decreased True Damage value

# Serpent's Waltz
- Union Arena: Changed such that invulnerability no longer lasts until landing on the ground. (Only has a 1s lingering invulnerability frame now.)

# Finishing Move: Judgement Star
- <Expert>: Added [Chase] proc

# EX Horn Gouge
- Added 60% damage reduction while casting
- <Expert>: [Tail Whip] removed from the list of skills that are affected from the [One Hit Chain] effect.

# EX Dimensional Singularity
- Removed suction effect. [Dimensional Overload] buff from Master cube is now applied by default.
- <Master>: Enhances the skill [Tail Whip]. Upon casting [Tail Whip], the [Grab Success] sequence is always performed and damage is increased. [Additional Input] does not activate. Enters invulnerable state and always activates the [Good Will] attack. [Fall!] attack deals [True Damage] and triggers Aerial / Back / Chase / [Super Armor Crash Lv.3]. This attack scales based on [Tail Whip]'s level. (Does not apply in Union Arena)
- Fall! (Lv20 Tail Whip): 1384%

# Fang Stab / EX Fang Stab
- [Union Arena] Rebalanced damage reduction effect to 15%

# Serpent's Seal
- [Union Arena] Removed damage reduction effect

# EX Horn Gouge
- [Union Arena] Removed damage reduction effect

- Dragon will (SA passive): Applies Back and chase on attacks that are affected by the passive for the buff duration
- EX Dimensional singularity:
      Expert: Changed the tormenting light buff to be stackable, 5 stacks can be held at the time (max), furthermore, gain 2 tormenting light stacks upon PPR usage

# Draw
- Increased damage values

# Finishing Move: Icarus Fall
- Improved the super armor and invulnerability state judgement upon cast

# Mask of Prom Queen
- Added missing tooltips and rebalanced certain effects
- Enemies struck by the MOP enhanced Cyclone receive a debuff that increases damage taken by 15% for 10s

# Interlude Squall
- <Expert>: Improved [Onslaught] buff effect. Physical critical damage 10% -> 30%, duration 7s -> 10s
- <Master>: Added [True Damage] to the enhanced attack

# Harpy Strike
- <Master>: Improved [Dance of Death] buff effect. Reworked [Dance of Death] to only apply in dungeons

# EX Wind Sting
- Increased damage values

# EX Zephyr Combination
- Increased damage values

- Zephyr combination:
      Master: decreased HP reduction from 1.5 to 0.5%
- Ex sonic boom:
      Master: decreased HP reduction from 1.5 to 0.5%

# Heat Shot
- Reworked to allow stacking up to 15 Overheat stacks
- Gains 5 Overheat stacks upon casting a [Finishing Move]
- Rebalanced cooldown to fixed 4s
- <Expert>: Replaced current skill chain cooldown reduction effect with back attack damage 20% / back critical damage 30%

# Finishing Move: Peacemaker
- <Advanced>: Applies [Peacemaker] buff regardless of whether [Additional Input] is activated or not

# I Want to be Alone
- Reworked to allow stacking up to 12 Cryogen stacks
- Increased generated Cryogen to 6 stacks upon cast
- Reduced Cryogen requirement on Heat Shot from 4 to 3 stacks

# Finishing Move: Finish Them
- Removed suction effect

# Imaginary Horizon
- Improves certain skills / EX skills upon possessing 10 Battlefield stacks
- EX Thunderbolt: Increases damage and deals [True Damage]
- Heat Shot: Adds [Aerial] proc (only applies when Master cube is unlocked and applies to awakened version. Does not apply in Union Arena)
- Finish Them: Adds [Back] proc (only applies when Expert cube is unlocked)

# EX Sharp Shooting
- Reduced required Cryogen count for damage enhancement from 8 to 6

- FM4: can move at any part of the skill except the final shot
             Expert: FM2: upon casting FM2 during FM4 buff, spawn extra rockets which deal 8K TRUE DAMAGE to enemies hit
                     EX thunderbolt: during FM4 buff and at the 2nd window of usage, added a new shotgun that deals 11K TRUE DAMAGE

- FM2: decreased True Damage value
- EX laser beam: decreased True Damage value (the new one, not the 10 battlefrield stacks one)

- FM2: Changed buff duration 25 > 30, restores 30% phase gauge
        Master:  Enemies struck receiver 15% additional damage for 30 seconds, gain 30% physical/magical defence and apply 80% damage reduction during the cast of the skill
              added a stack upon each usage which increases Air, back and chase critical damage up to 7 times (Maximum of 22 crit damage each at 7 stacks)

- FM3:
         Expert: Changed how the skill damage work, significantly increased AoE
                 Gain semi exceed buff at the end of the skill cast

- Hyde!: Decreased HP reduction from 2% to 1%

- Awakened Hyde!: Decreased HP reduction from 2% to 1%

- SA passive: added a new stack system
            Exceed gives a stack that can be obtained up to 10 times which increases raw damage (Max of 1030 raw phy/magi at 10 stacks)
            Semi exceed gives a stack that can be stacked up to 20 times which increases critical damage (max of 50 phy/magi crit dmg at 20 stacks)
- FM4: Exceed buff is gained regardless of skill canceling or not

- FM2: added 10% increased damage for 30 seconds upon casting
- Reinforce blow: increased the magical hit's damage, changed damage type to true damage, added chase proc
- FM3: all of the skill now deals True Damage, increased damage
- Rose cutter: same effect, just movement speed doesnt get halved

# Iron Cutter
- <Master>: Gains a Corrosion stack upon additional input (does not apply in Union Arena)

- Special agent passive:
            Defense stance: Counter attack now procs back, chase and deals TRUE DAMAGE
            Pegasus kick: The counter attack part now procs back, chase and deals TRUE DAMAGE

# Unsheathe and Slash
- Conjures sharp pillars of ice from the ground, trapping enemies before moving into the pillar and slashing them mercilessly. Triggers Aerial even when cast on ground and enters invulnerable state while casting. Casts a [Freeze!] attack upon performing the Rampaging Flurry attack, which scales based on [Freeze!]'s level.
- <Advanced>: Triggers [Chase]
- <Expert>: Triggers [Back]
- <Master>: Damage increased by 10% while phase power is released
- Cooldown increased from 12s to 15s

# Unsheathe and Slash
- Rebalanced damage values

- Pouncing slash:
           Master: changed the maximum stacks to 3 the requirements of the empowered pouncing slash respectively
2 > 1
4 > 2
6 > 3
- FM4 Snow White: Changed cooldown from 70 seconds to 42 (with 40% CDR)

- FM4: all of the skill deals True Damage (doesnt include Freeze! procs)

# EX Horus' Onslaught
- Cooldown reduced from 30s to 14s

- Feral release: decreased cooldown reduction on all FMs from 10 seconds to 6 seconds
- Serket Stigma: Decreased enhanced serket stigma and thorn procs values significantly


- Seth and Bai are now able to queue for PvP!

- Team Challenge is now available in Dream Theater Reverse
Complete dungeons with specified characters to earn rewards!

- New Purification Area: Sea of Pollution

- Enhancement has been completely reworked!
Most items that were commonly used for Enchancement has been removed and replaced with a few singular items!
All old enhancement items can be exchanged for the newer ones at any Matter Mixer Allan

- Monthly Rewards have been reset!
These rewards will remain active for 6 weeks to give everyone a fair chance to claim all prizes!

- Removed the 110/880 Code Starter packs for the time being.
Since the main item inside of it does not work, the boxes will be updated and changed at a later date.

- Various costumes have been added to the cash shop as package sales!
Icon Costume Sets
Autumn School Sets (B)/(C)
Nightmare (Limited Time - available for the duration of this Halloween event)
Domestic (A)/(B) armbands (Limited Time - Available till our next maintenance)

-Various Craftings have had additions made to them or prices/items changed!

Code: Fusion



- D Tuning Plug: Gear
- D Tuning Plug: Costume
- Enhancer Vaccine
- Enhancement Buff Ticket

- General Intensifier Fuel

Order Shop



- D Tuning Plug: Gear
- D Tuning Plug: Costume
- Enhancer Vaccine

- Obsidian Key
- Dagon Disk
- Silver Key Card
- Gold Key Card
- Platinum Key Card
- Fly King's Wish
- Capsual Contamination Purifier

Housing Crafting



- D Tuning Plug: Gear
- D Tuning Plug: Costume
- Enhancer Vaccine

- General Intensifier Fuel




- The following items are now Bank-Shareable or Tradeable/Black Marketable



Liquid Contamination Purifier
Transcendence Dust
Contaminated Dimensional Dust
Contaminated Dimensional Crystal
Contaminated Dimensional Essence
Contamination Crystal
Eroded Phase Fiber
Multi-dimensional Reactive Susbtance
Dark Matter
Nitocris Shards
Capsule Contamination Purifier
Librarian Bug Lump
Madness Bug Lump

Bank-Sharable / Tradable / Blackmarket-Able:

Fly King Fragment
Capsule Contamination Purifier
Silver Key Card
Gold Key Card
Platinum Key Card
Sea Breeze Essence
Fly King's Wish
Alpha Equalizer (Lvl. 81 - 85)




- Costume Fusion has been added to the Costume UI!
Fuse together pieces from dismantled 3-star back costumes to upgrade a powerful new back effect!






- Various Game UIs have been updated or overhauled. Some noteable ones are:
Character Customization (Portraits/Idles/Animation)


Now allows you to mix and match various portraits and poses based on your situation and where you're loading into!
This new menu can also be accessed through ESC menu as well rather then Character Information Menu


Cash Shop


The cash shop has been completely overhauled to allow for a more easier shopping experience.
You can now select quantities in your shopping cart to allow for multiple purchases at once!
Note: While we know the Cash shop is quite massive, changing its size is something we cannot do at this time.




The Gacha has been updated and placed into the Cash Shop!
When talking to Bitna, she will automatically open the cash shop for you to the newest Gacha!
When purchasing multiple gachas, you now also get a better bonus then before! The more you buy, the more bonus rolls you'll receive!
The Gacha now has an overflow delivery box similar to the Cash Shop one (it can be accessed through the same delivery button in your inventory).

Unfortunately due to the nature of purchasing gacha rolls now, we cannot have the boxes stack in that inventory or when placed in your inventory.

Due to the extensive changes needed for the old gacha box, a new box has been made with updated enhancement materials added to it. Old boxes may still be opened as usual and old enhancement items obtained from it can be exchanged for the new ones at any Matter Mixer Allan.





Queen of Hearts Task force has arrived for Seth, Seulbi and Harpy!
As with the previous character task forces, the amount of materials required to access this promotion has been lowered!
Since the costume is also available through crafting in Dream Theater, it will not be available in Code: Fusion!




Halloween has arrived in C:C and a multitude of activities spawned from the depths for it!
Duration: October 31st, 2019 -> November 22th, 2019


2 different dungeons will be avaliable for the duration of this event!
All dungeon entries are
ACCOUNT based and can only be entered a certain amount per day.

Attack on Busan can be started by speaking to Simon in Planar Gate
Bamboo Forest can be entered through Warp Planar Gate

Enter both of these dungeons to collect Zombie Hearts to turn in for various rewards like the new C:C exclusive Hallows Eve Lens!



Halloween Night Fireworks have been enabled!
Collect fireworks from dungeon runs and use them to boost the server wide buff and work your way to the top!


Achieve Rank 1 - Rank 5 for most fireworks used to receive a special prize!

For every 100 points you collect, you can claim a zombie heart box as a prize as well!
Note: Only 105 boxes per character can be claimed during this event period. Once you have claimed them all, you cannot claim anymore.

Fireworks can be obtained by completeing ANY dungeon in the game as the end game prize.

The new end dungeon prize will drop Warp Fragments, Fireworks box and a Halloween Trick or Treat consumables box!




The Cash Shop has been updated with loads of new goodies for halloween!

Get the C:C Exclusive Gremory Bear Pajamas during this Halloween Event!






Neo-Seoul Fox Spirit is now available!
This set is available for all female characters!




Halloween Night is now available!
This set is available for all characters up to Bai!





- Hero Braizer should now be backed in Warped Planar Gate!

- Fixed the location of the Bunny Bun Hat on most classes

- Fixed the Ninja Package [C] package - its now available in the shop again

- VVIP members should now recieve their Golden Kirin Pet!

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