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1x11 Halloween's End!

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Hello agents!

The CODE: Closers network is going offline for a maintenance! 
There is no estimated time when it'll be back up, so please be patient with us!





- The Halloween Event has ended and all dungeons have been removed.
The Halloween Dungeon Reward box has also been removed from all normal dungeons and replaced with just their usual Warp Fragments!
Crafting and the Fireworks buff will remain active for another week!
Firework ranking rewards will be sent out during next week's maintenance, so please be sure to use them before they expire!

- Entry Keys/Cards have been removed from the following dungeons:



Obsidian Key:

Tiamat’s Abyss


Dragon Disk:

[Subjugation] Ancient Monster's Domain (Hard & Special)
[Subjugation] Abyssal Throne (Hard & Special)


Silver Key Card:

Subjugation Program: Irina
Subjugation Program: David Lane


Gold Key Card:

Battle Program: Wolfgang
Battle Program: Wolfgang <<Overclocked>>
Battle Program: Hoffman
Battle Program: Hoffman <<Overclocked>>


Platinum Key Card:

Battle Program: Rosook
Battle Program: Untouchable


Yellow Disk:

Training Program: Virtual Guro


Blue Disk:

Training Program: Virtual High School


White Disk:

Training Program: Virtual Evac Center


Black Disk:

Training Program: Virtual Airport


Red Disk:

Training Program: Virtual Sky Ship (Hard & Special)


Green Disk:

Training Program: Refit Sky Ship (Hard & Special)

- Reduced the Fatigue consumed when entering the following dungeons
Now only consums 5 fatigue per entry


Contamination Hell (Easy)
Contamination Hell: Overflowed [Surface]
Contamination Hell: Overflowed [Reverse]
First Continuous Purification Operation
Second Continuous Purification Operation
Third consecutive purification operation
Monster Bird Harpas [Contamination Lvl. 1]
Monster Bird Harpas [Contamination Lvl. 2]
Monster Bird Harpas [Contamination Lvl. 3]
Monster Bird Harpas [Contamination Lvl. 4]
Monster Bird Harpas [Contamination Lvl. 5]
Monster Bird Harpas [Contamination Lvl. 6]
Warden Tindalos [Contamination Lvl. 1]
Warden Tindalos [Contamination Lvl. 2]
Warden Tindalos [Contamination Lvl. 3]
Warden Tindalos [Contamination Lvl. 4]
Warden Tindalos [Contamination Lvl. 5]
Warden Tindalos [Contamination Lvl. 6]
Yod's Domain [Contamination Lvl. 5]
Yod's Domain [Contamination Lvl. 6]
Mirror Grabber Nitocris [Contamination Lvl. 5]
Mirror Grabber Nitocris [Contamination Lvl. 6]
Contaminated Lagoon [Level 1]
Last Dike [Level 2]
Contaminated Lagoon [Level 3]
Last Dike [Level 4]
Contaminated Lagoon [Level 5]
Last Dike [Level 6]
Sea of pollution phase






- Summer Island Costumes are now tradeable

- Neo Fox Spirit Costumes are now tradeable

- Serving Master Costumes are now tradeable

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