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1x12 Goodbye Fireworks!

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Hello agents!

The CODE: Closers network is going offline for a maintenance! 
There is no estimated time when it'll be back up, so please be patient with us!


Unfortunately, there will be no Gacha update this week, it'll be rotating in next!
Soma found a last minute bug that caused quite a hassle that he could not fix in time for it.
So we do apologize for that.




- Halloween Crafting has officially been removed

- The fireworks event has been disabled and the event buff has been removed
Prizes are being manually sent out after this maintenance, so if you've won something, please be patient!

- Several items have been removed/adjusted from the crafting menus



*Removed from Order Shop
Silver Key Card
Gold Key Card
Platinum Key Card
Obsidian Key
Dagon Disk

*Removed from crafting
Blue Phase Grain
Red Phase Grain
Yellow Phase Grain

*Removed from CODE: Fusion
Enhancement Catalyst
Enhancement Boost I
Enhancement Boost II
Enhancement Fortifier



*Updated from CODE: Fusion
 -D Tuning Plug: Gear
    *Warp Fragment: 75 -> 50
 -D Tuning Plug: Costume
    *Warp Fragment: 75 -> 50.
 -Enhancer Vaccine
    *Credit: 1000000 -> 750000.
    *Warp Fragment: 150 -> 50.
    *Craft Limit: 10 -> 20.

*Updated from Housing Craft.
 -Enhancer Vaccine
    *Explorer Coin: 25 -> 20.
    *Gardener Coin: 35 -> 25.
    *Craft Limit: 5 -> 10.





- Fixed the crashing bug that occured when attempting to claim the "Win Multiple PvP battles as <character> in a Row"

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