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1x13 Happy Holidays C:C!

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-A Christmas Event has been added!
For more information on this even, please see below!  

-Winners for the Code:Recolor forums event have had their entries added to the game!  

-Monthly Rewards have been reset and a new monthly rotation is up for Christmas!






Cozy Winter is now available!

This outfit is available for all classes!

This gacha will remain active for the duration of the Christmas Event!




Santa's Helper is now available!

This outfit is available for all classes up to Bai!

This gacha will remain active for the duration of the Christmas Event!







Cozy up in your warm sweaters Agents! Winter has arrived in Code Closers!

Duration: Decemeber 19th, 2019 -> January 10th, 2020


The fireworks event has also been renabled as well with a whole new buff to go with it!

Clear dungeons for fireworks and climb your way to the top!

The more fireworks that are used, the better the server buff gets!


For ever 100 points in fireworks you collect, you'll be able to obtain a Snowman Voucher!

Fireworks can be obtained by completeing ANY dungeon in the game as the end game prize.


3 Different crafting menus have been added for these events - New Years and 2 Chirmstas Themed Crafts!

Obtain these items by completing the Holiday dungeons and turning in Firework boxes!

The Hardest Difficulty dungeon can only be completed once a day but can reward you with the special New Year Tokens!


The winning frames and Title Images can also be crafted from these crafts!

For a preview of them, please see the spoiler!


Frame and Title by: @Ustdz. Alexander
IGN: Arkhlight
Name: Happy New Year!  / Frozen!  / CODE Event: Snowflakes Frame


Frame and Title by: @Qubes
IGN: Augeth
Winter Friends! / Frosted Frame


Frame and Title by: @Viruska
IGN: Gravity
Name: CODE Event: Christmas Gift Frame / CODE Event: Champagne Time!


Frame by: @Reilicht Vermillion
IGN: Eirlyza
Name: CODE Event: Winter 2019 Frame

Title by: @XIIIthLight
IGN: lMercuryl
Name: CODE Event: Gift Kitty!


Frame by: @Saiko / Skalli
IGN: Skalli
Name: Christmas Frame


Frame by: @Noirre
IGN: Noirre
Name: New Year Frame


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