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1x14 Winter Holiday's End!

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The CODE: Closers network is now back online!




The Winter Event has ended and the event dungeon has been removed.
The New Year's Dungeon Reward Box has also been removed from all normal dungeons and replaced with the usual Warp Fragments!
Crafting and Fireworks buff will remain active for another week!
Firework ranking rewards will be sent out during next week's maintenance, so please be sure to use them before they expire!





Accessories that where recieved from the Random Rare Accessory Box event craft are now no longer able to be bank shared as intended.


Fixed the trade status of Transcendence Stone Preservative so that it can now be used correctly.


Fixed the Fusion Fiber event craft.
To fix any broken Fusion Fiber's there is an extra craft added to the event crafts that will allow you to convert them into the new ones for free.


Fixed the "Ascent of Darkness" emote command.


Fixed the Login Reward for day 27.


The following items are now bank shareable.

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Otherworldy Snowflake Cape
Red Santa
Full Moon Hanbok
Crescent Moon Hanbok
New Moon Hanbok
Winter's Day Costume Box
Winter's Storm Costume Box


The following items are now tradeable.

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Cozy Winter Glasses [Type B]
Cozy Winter Glasses [Type C]
Reding Force Force
Bladed Dragon Wing [EX type]
Bladed Dragon Horn [EX type]
Bladed Dragon Shoulder [EX type]
Bladed Dragon Waist [EX type]





In Wonderland is now available!
This is available for all characters!



Lovely Lace is now available!
This is available for all characters!


Have a great weekend everyone!

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