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Bug in some barriers of Gangnam Evac Center & Hechatonkire

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Sorry, but I don't know if anyone reported it.

I have seen some bugs lately passing the blue barriers in the areas of Gangnam Evac Center and also trying to pass UNION Tower Battery mision with Nata in Gangnam Evac Center the dragon only appears the torso during the last two difficulties.

And I've already reinstalled it a couple of times.


The problem of barriers (can't move the character when I try to pass a few times) with Seha, Yuri, Nata and Violet (mostly with the latter when using Rank 2 Special Move: Transcendence)

And the dragon only with Nata to the ones I've seen (appears the torso and the life bar but can't fight)

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On 1/12/2020 at 3:34 PM, 0Saph0 said:

of course I'll see how to upload Nata's video which is the one that mostly happens


That's the video

did you try going left? i run around like a maniac everytime that happens till i find the real exit, and yes sometimes this game is confusing, especially in the middle levels-endgame.

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