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G a l a x y

i'm back, i guess?

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whew it's been a LONG time. happy 2020 everyone!

wanted to pick closers back up for awhile, sooo... here i am. i haven't played in well over a year (probably almost two) but i used to be that resident misty main that made signatures for people sometimes.

i've mostly been playing ffxiv and dying in college as of late, but i'll be around trying out wolfgang and playing my misty again. if you see the igns ganymede or galaxy around, feel free to say hi!

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10 hours ago, CandyApple said:

Welcome back~ your siggy is quite cute! ❤️

thank you!! 

9 hours ago, Ykhar said:

Welcome back!

You probably don't remember me, but it's nice to have you around~

the name looks familiar! its good to see you around still too ^^

5 hours ago, KitsuneGirl said:

welcome back

thank you!

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