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a more detailed explanation?

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from the title i kind of require a more detailed explanation on what to do after hitting 80 and what i should be doing gear wise. i've seen multiple threads about what people should do after 80 but since it's not explained thoroughly i can't seem to understand. from what i can get is that i should start doing puri ops and continue on from there? my CP is currently 480k and i don't really know what to do since i have the timed extreme gear and some other gear. i want to do puri ops but i get intimidated by the CP requirement and wonder if i messed up with my gear. i play wolfgang and it's been a really long time since i've come back to c:c so everything is really confusing to me and i can't wrap my head around it. my apologies for the word vomit! 

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Here's a step-by-step guide on what you should be doing:

  1. If you haven't already, go fight Irina and David. If you defeat them the first time you run their respective dungeons, you will be rewarded boxes containing decent gear.
  2. Start doing Purification, making sure to complete all the story quests and doing as much of everything as possible daily. Your goals here are: [1] find a Core and Mod set for your character from the bosses, [2] gathering enough materials to transcend that gear, and [3] gathering enough materials to craft Puri83 Trinkets (the ones with silver borders). Don't worry about the TCP stuff; the dungeons were nerfed pretty hard recently and even before the nerf they were doable with 480k.
  3. Another thing to do is to get a Puri Receiver. You can get the base Receiver from Nitocris (or crafting) and the transcending materials from Overflow Reversed.
  4. While farming Purification, you'll want to also farm Hunter's Night. Run both raid programs for crafting materials so that you can craft the Trinket set. Be sure to craft the fully transcended Trinkets and not the base version, otherwise you risk wasting resources. You'll also want to do your best to finish the Story quests and unlock your Trigger slots.
  5. After you finished with steps 2 to 4, it's time to move on to Dream Theater Reverse. Here, you'll want to farm the bosses daily. What you're looking for are Gluttony Core and Mods for your character, as well as materials for transcending. Transcend this gear as much as you can for the time being.
  6. Also in Dream Theater Reverse, you'll want to start running Beelzebub Raid v1 in order to get Triggers. The specific set you'll want depends on character and personal preference, but most people go with red.
  7. At the same time as when you start to do Raid, you can also consider going back to Purification and start farming for Puri87 gear. This requires you to run the Sea dungeons, so just keep running them until you get enough crafting materials. Again, don't worry about the TCP stuff; it's perfectly realistic to clear them without much trouble even if your TCP is half of what's recommended.
  8. At the same time as step 7, you'll want to start running Busan raids. You do this in order to craft the gear there. Busan gear is currently part of the endgame setup.
  9. By the time you're done with steps 7 and 8, you'll want to start running Beelzebub Raid v2. It's fine if you haven't finished step 6 yet, as it's actually easier to get triggers from Raid v2. The reason you would do Raid v1 is because you ideally want to get at least some of your triggers before reaching this step, and also it gives you additional transcending materials for Gluttony gear. Run Raid v2 for transcending materials for Triggers, and the next-level transcending materials for Gluttony gear. These things fully transcended are all part of endgame setup.

By the end of it all, you setup should be:

  • fully transcended Gluttony Core
  • fully transcended Gluttony Mods + Busan Mod
  • transcended Beelzebub Triggers
  • Busan Receiver (or Purification Receiver, depending on your character)
  • Puri87 Trinkets
  • Busan Trinkets


As an aside, the step-by-step is simultaneously bare-bones and over-detailed. It's bare-bones in that a lot of the processes aren't clearly explained (i.e.: transcending) so feel free to ask if you need clarification. At the same time, it's over-detailed because some of these steps can be skipped if you are comfortable with skipping them (i.e.: you have a reliable carry).

Either way, I hope this clears things up at least somewhat. Apologies for the wall of text, also if anyone has anything they disagree with and/or have some better suggestions feel free to share them.

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