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1x20 The Scythe and Gun!

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Hello agents!

The CODE: Closers network is going offline for a maintenance! 
There is no estimated time when it'll be back up, so please be patient with us!


With this maintenance, we will be launching our new discord server!

To join this discord, click the link here!


Intro posts are still required on this discord to get full permissions. If you're new, please post one! If you're old and can find it, please post that as well.

If you can't find it, no worries. We'll be searching for those already in the original discord to help speed things along!



- Chulsoo (NoName) and Mirae (Reaper) are now available!

- New Starting Areas and New Sectors are now available for Chulsoo and Mirae!

- Divine Battle is now available!

- Crew max members have been increased to 140

- Credit Caps and other limits have been updated


General Held Credit Cap is now 3,000,000,000

Trade Credit Cap is now 200,000,000

- The Cash Shop has been updated with various missing packs for some characters
Luna/Soma/Bai/Seth White Cat for example!

Shining Star is now available through Shining Synchro Fiber and accessories in the NEWEST Gachas!
* Please scroll down and read Gacha Rotation for an important notice about this!

- Synchro Fibers have been retired!
There is a crafting option to change them into Draconian Synchro Fibers in any Matter Mixer Allen

- A few changes had to be made to the server side aspect of Union camp!
All pets that were listed as an exploration preset have been reset and will need to be re-added!
Pets that were previously assigned to exploration areas will not be listed upon first explortation and this is intentional!






Mirae, the Fallen God has entered Code:Closers!

This scythe wielding woman has grown up in a harsh and polluted environment. The painful and sorrowful moans of those around her have become all too common.

Money is the only way out of this horrible life, so she will do what it takes to get all she can out!


Mirae will start at level 67 upon creation!
Resolver is available on release
Rattus Characters do not have promotion quests like all other characters. You must do the story line to promote!





Chulsoo, the anonymous gun master has entered Code:Closers!

A man suffering from amnesia has washed up on the shores of Ruined Island, only to find himself in the center of an new and unfamiliar world.

He was given the name Chulsoo by those who found him. At least with a name he can begin to get back on his feet again.

Chulsoo will start at level 67 upon creation!
Resolver is available on release
Rattus Characters do not have promotion quests like all other characters. You must do the story line to promote!






Shining Star is now available!

This new Signature set is a step above the Rare costumes and is considered the Top fashion of the game!

Obtain Shining Synchro Fibers from the Cash shop or Gacha Boxes (Imperial/Garden not included) to fuse for this new costume!

This fusion requires a Rare costume or 3-Star costume to complete!

Changes of the success of the fusion has been increased from KR!


When a full set is worn in conjunction with other characters of the same team, you unlock a group emote!

Party up with your other team members and jam out in your own rock session!









Magra or Dogra, which do you choose!?

Join your favorite sister in a battle to determine who is the better sister!

Gain rewards and items for your participation in the Divine battle!

This system is broken up into 3 parts: Start Phase, Finale Phase, and Reward Phase. Each taking place over a series of days and weeks!


Sister vs Sister will take place during the following time frame:

Starting Phase*:

Start: March 21st (9am Server Time)
End: April 5th (11pm Server Time)


Finale Phase (x2 point gain):

Start: April 6th (9am Server Time)
End: April 12th (11pm Server Time)


Reward Phase:

Start: April 13th (9am Server Time)
End: April 19th (11pm Server Time)


* Please note that you can ONLY register during the Starting Phase of the event. After the starting phase is over, you will not be able to select a faction!
Rattus members cannot select a faction, but should be able to participate in Divine Battle when a faction is selected by a different, non-Rattus character.






Domestic (A/B/C/D) is now available!

This Gacha is available for all characters!


This gacha will run along side the 2 existing gachas and will contain Shining Star Accessories/Fibers.

This gacha will also remain up for an extended period of time due to it's late entrance and high demand!


IMPORTANT: Imperial Gacha and Garden/Black Opera will NOT contain Shining Star Accessories and will still have the old Gacha Box (pre-Shining Fiber update).

With the timing of this patch, we felt it'd be a horrible move to suddenly add them in for the last week of that gacha. So those 2 will remain without them.

Shining Star Accessories and the new Gacha box containing the Shining Star fibers will be made constant in all new gachas from this rotation out.





- We are aware that the BBv2 Raid will not show the correct time on the drop down mission tab.
The raid will still continue on its normal schedual and open on its normal time frame.



A discussion thread about the new patch can be found here!

Found a bug? Please submit a thread over in our Bug Report section to get it fixed ASAP!



We hope all of our agents, keep themselves safe, healthy and happy during these unsettling times!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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