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so i forgot to introduce myself, i'm doz! (you can call me rei either is cool)

i used to be a wolfgang main until chulsoo came around....i have a thing for hot fictional men :love:

i'm into a lot of series! (mostly hypnosis microphone and katana zero at the moment)

you guys probably also know me as the idiot who doesn't really know how the game works. 

i'm a huge newbie when it comes to gearing and never really understood the...in depth things in mmorpgs. i just thought high numbers on gear = strong.

i'm doing my best to slowly join in on the fun in the community and get some good tcp so i can focus on barbie dress up rather than the immense pain of grinding.

i'm home schooled, so i'm on C:C most of the time. my timezone is EST and my sleep schedule is an absolute disaster! 

i have a concerning addiction to coffee and putting caramel in it all the time. (its good!)

well, that's really the basics about me and i don't wanna ramble so...goodbye! it's nice to meet you all!



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