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Ya-ho nice ta meet y'all!
Am a returnee player who's utterly clueless with the updates and current happenings on C:C. Am a returnee yet am still that much of a novice for sure. :interested:
If ya ever see me prowling around, don't hesitate ta approach or greet ehehehe. Am maining Tina but am playing other characters as well. Me IGNs are as what ya can guess, starts with Tsundere + <char name> if applicable. 

I saw that there have been much improvement with the game compared ta before am gone for hiatus. Really appreciate the staff's hardwork for this. For sure it ain't perfect still but it's genuinely better thanks to the effort of the staff and management team I guess.. since before going ta hiatus, I remembered how there was an announcement from the staff that they for sure will really do their best to improve the server with assistance from the community's feedback. So once more, thank you staff team.. *bows*

Anyways, thanks for reading my fairly-got-long-introduction post. Ehehe. Silly me. I utterly appreciate ya still reading up until this part though. 

Gonna download 'em JP voices first ta be able ta enjoy the game more before hopping in to grind and level. Ehehe. See ya around 'vryone!
Once again. thankies for reading.

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Welcome back to the game again, make yourself at home on game/forum, I'm also a returnee as well
Looking forward to meeting you
Love Toradora btw


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