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1x22 Gacha Update!

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Hello agents!

The CODE: Closers network is going offline for a maintenance! 
There is no estimated time when it'll be back up, so please be patient with us!




- Monthly Rewards have been reset!
This rotation will remain active for 3 weeks!

- The gacha has been rotated to a new set!







Mightnight Crusader is now available!

This set is available for all characters except:
J, Tein, Wolfgang & Chulsoo





Half and Half is now available!

This set is available for all characters!





There was a talk about a patch being released today.

Unfortunately that is not the case. We do have a small spring event in the works for you guys that will be released next week!

I'm sorry if I've crushed anyone's hopes, but we are doing the best we can with what we can as some fall ill/deal with family issues due to the pandemic.



Please everyone, keep yourselves safe and healthy during this pandemic! Stay indoors, wash your hands and follow the Coronavirus recommendations of your country.

Make sure you take the necessary actions to make sure you do not get sick or pass this virus onto others!

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