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Xigncode Update

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A fix for the xigncode issue has been patched into the client. Before running the game: please allow the client to patch, then diagnose after it is done patching.

At this time, we would like to advise everyone to refrain from randomly deleting items from the gamefiles.


If you have ever recently deleted/copied over your xigncode files, you will have to patch your game and then diagnose your client in order to replace/update to the correct xigncode files. If just a simple diagnose does not fix it, please delete the ENTIRE XIGNCODE folder, XC.exe and diagnose your client again.


In addition, please refrain from distributing or downloading XIGNCODE folders as it carries the risk of contracting viruses or being hacked. Having incorrect or multiple different versions of xigncode in your game client will only proceed to cause issues further down the line.


Xigncode may run a bit slower when trying to update. This is normal and Gitae is checking for a way to speed it up, but as of now, its the lesser of 2 evils.


Sorry about all the hassle guys, but everything looks good and is up and running!

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