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1x30 Spring has Sprung! Discussion Thread

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Hello, Agents!
Welcome to the 1x30 Spring has Sprung! Discussion Thread!
For the latest update viewable here:


What do you like about this update?

What do you not like about this update?

What custom content would you be interested in seeing in future updates?

If you find any bugs please report it HERE

Thank you for your feedback!

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I loved the costumes that is on the event craft tbh, looks absolutely stunning, I hope we can get more costumes like these in the future. I bless all Mirae and Chuulso mains who got their ZW, the costume looks gorgeous for me.

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What are the exact contents of the Divine Battle compensation boxes? At a glance, each of them seem to have an acc of sorts. Just curious as to what those look like before deciding (if they are even accs at all), as well as the quantity of the other items. Wanted to make sure of stuff before committing to a choice.

EDIT: got my answer from other people and made my choice. The following are the contents in case anyone else was curious:

  • an L effect accessory (an offset spotlight projecting down featuring the face and color of Magra/Dogra)
  • 50 D Coins
  • 10 Magra/Dogra Scissors
  • 30 Splendid Fibers
  • a visual frame (a specific frame commemorating to the finished Divine Battle featuring Magra/Dogra)
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Thank you so much for this event and the custom content! I really loved the craftable list and the dungeon.

About the Nata's portrait... it looks great in profile and on the skill bar, but it seems to be very large for the frame.


This is the example of how it looks on the loading screen:


I can make the changes that you consider necessary, so that the image fits the frame. I can even provide the clip studio file if the staff requires it.

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