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[CONTEST] CODE: Creation!

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Hello, Agents! Head [FA] Icarus here with a brand new edition of CODE: Creation!

Do you have a passion for art? Do you want your creations to be shown off and rewarded? If yes, then it's time to unleash your inner Michaelangelo in this month's event-- made by artists, for artists!


While the official [Community Guidelines] must be followed, there are specific rules that must also be followed for this contest. Violation of these rules may result in disqualification from the event.

  • 18+ content is strictly prohibited.
  • Stick to the theme listed below.
  • Post any progress (WIPs) in a spoiler.
  • Do not enter using multiple forum accounts.
  • Your entry must contain at least one (1) Closers character.
  • All work must be original and for this contest-- Do not steal or copy others' work or use pre-made artwork.
  • You are only allowed one submission per contest (ie. you cannot participate in both categories or submit 2 pieces for one category, etc).
  • All questions/discussions must be posted in the [Contest Discussion Thread]. This thread is for submissions only.
  • Do not reserve a post for your entry. Submit your entry in a new comment once it is done.


This month's theme is: Relaxing Indoors!

The Closers always work hard to fight off Dimensionals, but even Closers deserve a break from time to time!
They've been given a whole bunch of free time to stay at home and rest.
What will they do while they're staying indoors?

Draw the Closers doing activities indoors!

Deadline: 05/14/20 ~ 06/14/20 (11:59AM CET)

Entry Form:
Description (Optional):

Please use this form when entering the contest!


Creativity comes in many forms, so we'd like to award people for them! We have a digital and traditional art category, and there will be one winner for each.


  • Digital: 10,000 Bits
  • Traditional: 10,000 Bits

This Month's Winners:


Aurius [sezhel]

On 5/3/2020 at 3:58 AM, sezhel said:

IGN: Aurius
Entry: Digital 

"Mirae in Wonderland"




  Reveal hidden contents




Zodiax [Zodiax]

On 5/1/2020 at 5:38 PM, Zodiax said:

IGN: Zodiax
Entry: Traditional



  Reveal hidden contents



Previous Winners:



Honorary Heroes (07/16/17 ~ 08/16/17): Urumi [N13], geulolia [IchiZero], Celene [Misha]
Winter Wonderland (11/24/17 ~ 01/24/18):
Spring In Bloom (05/09/18 ~ 06/09/18): Astrajingga [Mika], Haruto [Haruto Kaguragi], SaberAthena [kongouSenpai] (VOIDED)
Hallow's Eve (10/15/18 ~ 11/15/18):
LinNEET [Linoichi], Ykhar [Ykhar], Hellawes [Esther]
Happy Holidays (12/22/18 ~ 01/22/19):
Hellawes [Esther], HornyEgril [Taiyaki Bun]
Be My Valentine (01/28/19 ~ 03/11/19):
aLta1R [Linoichi]
April Showers (03/27/19 ~ 05/08/19):
Hipper [Sieghart]
Summer Getaway (06/22/19 ~ 08/03/19):
Hellawes [Esther]
Halloween Fest (11/08/19 ~ 12/08/19): Mirsh [Morsh]
Christmas & New Years (12/19/19 ~ 01/19/20): Aurius [sezhel]
The Year of the Rat(tus) (01/25/20 ~ 02/25/20): Lucylith [Muffy]
Beauty of Spring (03/05/20 ~ 04/05/20): Bunira [Cream]
Hopping into Easter (04/06/20 ~ 05/06/20): Aurius [sezhel]



Honorary Heroes (07/16/17 ~ 08/16/17): Weakness [Boe], Ryouichi [Ryouichi], Ashtera [HEROIC]
Winter Wonderland (11/24/17 ~ 01/24/18):
Akat29 [Akat]
Spring In Bloom (05/09/18 ~ 06/09/18):
IronAngel [IronAngel], Villa [Tiffa], Himasaki [Himasaki]
Hallow's Eve (10/15/18 ~ 11/15/18):
Gravity [Viruska], lMercuryl [XIIIthLight], Sumirei [Kyuubi24]
Happy Holidays (12/22/18 ~ 01/22/19):
SaberAthena [kongouSenpai] (VOIDED), Sanders [Sanders]
Be My Valentine (01/28/19 ~ 03/11/19):
iChelsea [Geegee]
April Showers (03/27/19 ~ 05/08/19):
Gravity [Viruska]
Summer Getaway (06/22/19 ~ 08/03/19):
SaberAthena [kongouSenpai] (VOIDED)
Halloween Fest (11/08/19 ~ 12/08/19): Fervidex [Asterisc]
Christmas & New Years (12/19/19 ~ 01/19/20): Clerescia [Seisera]
The Year of the Rat(tus) (01/25/20 ~ 02/25/20): Akat29 [Akat]
Hopping into Easter (04/06/20 ~ 05/06/20): Zodiax [Zodiax]

Keep at it and stay inspired, Agents!

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