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1x40 Enter your Nightmare

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Hello Agents!

The CODE: Closers network is going offline for a maintenance! 
There is no estimated time when it'll be back up, so please be patient with us!


The staff have been hard at work creating this completely custom patch for you!
We hope you enjoy everything they've worked so hard on and what's still to come!




- Bearland - Nightmare has been added to the game!
Face a dungeon like you never have before!
Survive the onslaught waves and last as long as possible while defeating all bosses and monsters that lay in your path.
This solo dungeon is truly a difficult one and is geared towards mid-end game players!

- Bearland - Hallucination has been added to the game!
Test your skills in this dream like world! This practice dungeon will help you hone your skills to take on the real Bearland - Nightmare!

- New PNA is now available from Bearland - Nightmare!
3 new strain types are now able to used!

- Translations have had a massive overhaul (and are still in progess by @Nata)
Some of the various areas include:


Mirae & Chulsoo's skills have had their skill texts updated.

Equipment exclusive to Seth, Mirae, & Chulsoo should have significant improvement to their translations.

Triggers have had their translations touched up.

Skill cubes should now accurately reflect their functions

Shared Skills (Phase Awaken (And it's awakened variant), Combat Dodge, and Cancel) all have had custom translations






Bearland - Nightmare and Hallucination is now available!

Enter the realm of your darkest nightmares and face the shadows of your demons!

This dungeon is only available and visible for those who are level 88 and can be entered through the usual Gremory Portal in Planar Gate!

This wave survival dungeon is only for the toughest of closers and made for those mid - end game focused builds.


This dungeon will be a challenge for those who go in unprepared!

You are not able to ressurrect in this dungeon and entrances are limited to 2 a day!

Wave after wave you'll be battered and bruised till you either fall or successfully complete the dungeon!

The farther you go, the better the rewards!


Want to test your skills before going in your Nightmare?

Enter into Bearland - Hallucination, where you can test and hone your skills for the most optimal clear path.

This dungeon has unlimited entires but gives no reward! Its main purpose is for training and understanding the dungeon without wasting daily entries.


A new effect can be obtained from this dungeon only!




q9kDJ6C.png x2EUD1w.png  KSpgYmy.png

With the addition of Bearland - Nightmare, new PNA strands have been added to the game!

These new strains are significantly stronger than its preceding Attack, Defense, and Support strains, and such, require more materials to enhance and at a lower % to enhance. This was what Gremory's Perfect PNA Evolution Kits were made for!


Sharpness strains can give Damage Type and raw Stats such as Power & Crit Damage.
Adaptation strains can give various situational stats, including Damage During Empowered State & ABC Damages / Crit Damage.
Graceful strains can give a variety of less offensive stats, such as Attack Speed, Movement Speed, and, Phase Power Charge Speed.


In addition, these strains being from the nightmare all originate from the same source, and thus, compliment each other in a very distinct way.
One pattern fits all, showcased below (Both in text format, and Image format).

[Sharpness] [Adaptation] [Adaptation]
[Graceful] [Sharpness] [Adaptation]
[Graceful] [Graceful] [Sharpness]


These strains are incapable of acquiring 'Chain' arrangements but in exchange, their dormant arrangements have been enhanced significantly.
Mix and match them to find a dormant arrangement that suits your needs.




While we're here, I'd like to show you guys something in the works that will be coming out later on!

@Icarus has been working hard on them, so we hope you guys like our little preview of what's to come!






Marching Band is now available!
This is available for all characters!



Ocean Romance is now available!
This set is only available for the following characters:
J, Misteltein, Levia, Violet, Luna, and Seth!





- Unowned portraits from our CC Recolor event that appeared as white boxes should now have the gray scale image

- CC Recolor events have had their portraits moved/repositioned if requested. If any of them are still not right, please send me a DM on the forums and we'll sort it out with you.

- Purchasing additional character slots should now function as it should on the character selection screen.

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