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1x50 Summer Splash! Discussion Thread

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Salutation, Agents!

Welcome to the 1x50 Summer Splash! Discussion Thread!
For the latest update viewable here: 


- Summer Event has been added to the game.
Fireworks Event has been added to the game.
Monthly Calendar has been updated.
- Gacha Rotation Ice Elf is now available.
- Gacha Rotation Ice Elf Recolor is now available.
- Gacha Rotation Neo Fox Spirit is now available.
- New Blue Ocean Lens is now available.


Regarding Craftable Hot Summer bugs.


Here's our Event preview thread. enjoy the event!

Gacha Preview being worked on.

What do you like about this update?

What do you not like about this update?

What custom content would you be interested in seeing in future updates?

If you find any bugs please report it HERE

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Gonna answer a few questions about our brand new recolour to clarify some things + share my thoughts.

Why Ice Elf? It's Summer!

A: It's Winter in Australia, mate. At the time we decided to make a recolour set, Ice Elf was the only one that had every character (17, up to Chulsoo/Mirae). We wanted this first one to go out with a bang, so we decided to do an all character set rather than a smaller set (e.g. Windbreaker with only a few characters-- those kinda sets). It ended up taking quite a long time (I'll go over that in my notes) and it ended up being ready just before this event, so it's kind of ironic timing on our part. I guess take it as a nice refreshing ice-y set to help battle the Summer heat! Ha! Get it! I'm hilarious.

My notes:


This was my biggest challenge like.. ever. I can't explain how hard it was in proper words, but I'll give a rough time-frame: The costume itself was the easy part. Naddic is nice and had repeating textures, so I could colour one and have it work for e.g. all the girls. But that wasn't the end: What about the portraits?

So I thought it might be easier to just hue change them and hope for the best, but I'm stubborn and didn't get the result I wanted (it was also pretty tedious selecting everything). So I decided to go all in: recolour the portraits as well. Every colour that's changed (hair/top/bot/gloves/shoes) has all been hand drawn by me to replicate the original, and holy shit it was hard.

The portraits took me a month. Essentially one month. All I was doing was getting up, working on the portraits, and going back to sleep. Any breaks were maybe 1 hour of games and the rest reserved to eat/shower. There were a lot of points where I got super stressed since I have chronic migraines, and they're hell to work with, but I got through it. So, in the end, I'm personally proud of what I achieved. I worked hard and proved to myself that I could do it.

But enough about me-- this is the main part I wanted to say: If people like this idea ("this idea" being: recoloured sets) then we will consider doing more. Though I have to say, I'm not doing a 17-char set unless you guys are willing to wait a long time lmao. It's food for thought, though. I've always loved making custom content and, if it makes you guys happy, I'd love to do more.


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It's my first time to participate in an event, playing for a week now.

newplayer questions:

1. is the crafting limit for summer event items per account? or cant i craft the skillbook for each of my characters?

2. any recommendations on what i should craft first? i'm looking into crafting all the pets first.

3. will i have enough bugs to craft everything by the time the event ends?

4.  why cant i enter the summer dungeon patrol difficutly and above? is it the same for everyone? only "recon" ? is it so that everybody gets the same amount of loots?

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9 hours ago, mechabear101 said:


1) Most items are limited per account while some are limited by character. You can check what the limit is by looking at the "Craft Restriction Window" which pops up when you select a craft. In the case of the SP Books, those are limited by account so you can't craft it on every character every day.

2) What you craft first depends on your priorities. If you want to focus on gearing and stats, then just craft as much as you can from the "CODE: Summer Event General" tab. That said, you can consider ignoring the following items if resources are tight:

  • Enhancement Buff Ticket (you can get this from Code:Fusion instead)
  • Overclocked Equalizer (the Alpha version is more important)
  • Gremory's Common/Greater Dimensional Box (not very useful to new players)
  • Maid Service Voucher (not very useful to new players)
  • Gardening Voucher (not very useful to new players)

It's fine if you want to craft all the pets, and it might be helpful in the long run. If you have the resources and want to craft them, then go for it.

On the other hand, if you want to focus on aesthetic instead, then you might be more inclined to focus on the crafts from the "CODE: Summer Event Costumes" tab. Check the following guide to see which box gives what costume:

3) If you clear the dungeon on Skirmish 2 times and craft Bugs 15 times every day, you should have enough bugs to craft everything in either tab as often as possible and have enough left over to craft some items from the other tab.

4) The dungeon has 2 difficulties: Recon and Skirmish (the other difficulties are greyed out because they aren't meant to be accessible). Skirmish has a level requirement of 80, so if you can't access it chances are it's because your level is too low. In terms of drops, Skirmish drops 2x as much Bugs as Recon.

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