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[ONLINE] Stability Maintenance

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Hello agents!

The CODE: Closers network is going offline for a maintenance! 

This maintenance may be a long one due to the hardware maintenance going on with the servers. Please be patient with us and we'll let you know as soon as the server is back online!




- The Summer Event Dungeon has been disabled!
Crafting will remain active till our next maintenance (September 7th - unless otherwise noted)

- Firework boxes have been removed and replaced with their original warp fragments!
Fireworks and their buffs will remain active till our next maintenance!

- Monthly Login has been reset!
This will remain active for 3 weeks and change with each gacha change!

- The Gacha has been updated!

- Added 4 new Basic color lenses to the Cash Shop

- A new credit burner has been added to the crafting NPCs!

- A Nitro Booster giftbox has been added!
As a little thank you for boosting our discord server, we'd like to give you guys some special little items!





Floral Picnic is now available!
This set is available for the following characters:
Nata, Tina, Luna, Seth, Chulsoo, Mirae




Bunny Girl/Boy is now available!
This set is available for all characters! (Yes, even you Violet!)
Note: Seth, Bai, Chulsoo and Mirae do not have full body bunny suits





4 New Basic Color lenses have been added to the Cash Shop!
You can find these under the Accessory tab!



A Code: Heaven Burner has been added to the crafting menu of most crafting NPCs!
This item contains a load of possible goodies for you to obtain!
Cost is 4,000,000 a roll!

Some items include:


(This list is not the complete list, but a highlight!)
Superior D Tuning Plug: Gear
Superior D Tuning Plug: Costume
Gremory's Special Dimensional Box
Alpha Equalizer (Lvl. 81 - 85)
+14 Gear Booster
Gold Academy Costume pieces
A special gold recolor exclusive set and various accessories!
Stat Juice
Holy Water
UNION Gear Lubricant
Perfect PNA Evolution Kit
Luck Enhancer Fuel
Celine Maid Service Voucher
Alraune Gardening Voucher



Finally, a little heads up.
I'm heartbroken to have to say this and to see them off, but @Moe has decided to step down from their position for the time being. We wish them the complete best and we'll certainly miss having them around.

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