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Not new but just wanted to introduce myself .w.

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Hey Code:Closers Peeps .w.
if you played Void, you may know me as KickYaFace/Nakurai, (hey sisters)

After weeks of being asked to join C:C by my friends, i gave in. now here I am making this thread.
I look forward to getting to know the community and the weird BM,  

Used to play on KR, but it sucks being alone , thus the reason I joined C:C. 
I'm a wheelchair main, but dont worry yuri squad, once the buffs come we slay <3~




if you like yaoi we are alrdy one step closer to be friends.
PS:  counts too if you love bayonetta/nier universe uwu~

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owo hai - not sure if you remember me but I was Lylan on Void ~ Nice to see another familiar face and welcome to the C:C server

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